Imagine you were one of the lucky ones sitting in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room at Harvard in February 2004.  Where would you be today?  Some opportunities are once in a generation.  Wiggle Room is one of those moments.  We don't see ourselves as the next FB, but certainly a valuable asset that they, or their competition,  will want to own!  Our founder developed the industry standard in encryption called Verimatrix which sold last year for $150m USD.  Wiggle Room is next...

Corporate information

The Wiggle Room V.1 app is completed and currently in beta testing and will be available for both the ios and Android operating systems in mid May 2020.

CLICK HERE for our first rough video for TV in 2014

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These are samples as they will appear on Facebook.  Click a sample and a powerpoint show will download and open.  Once in the show, click the button to see more.

Company and investor information:

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